About Me

Welcome to Boost Cooking!


I want to share with you my passion for good food and healthy cooking. “Healthy recipes, new taste, new cooking experiences,…”, those are my goals to boost your energy and help you to live a better life.

I am a health coach and I am convinced that a healthy diet is part of the balance to live a happy and rich life. If you are interested in health coaching, please visit my website.

You might see an evolution on the kind of meals I am preparing since the beginning of my blog as my knowledges in the field of nutrition are getting better and stronger.

Healthy food is only one part of the pie to live a healthy and joyful life but it is one of the most important key to be – and stay – healthy and full of energy for our day-to-day life.

But the purpose of this blog is to share with you my day-to-day meals. And life is not made to control yourself 100% about what you are eating. Sometimes, it is nice to have a nice slice of pizza or a good burger with fries. But I will always focus on fresh and quality ingredients, cooked at home with love and passion.

I am going to offer you  a simple gourmet and inventive cuisine, not too sophisticated, with seasonal and fresh ingredients that will surely tickle your taste buds.

Most of my recipes are in French but I am going to write more and more in English and do bilingual posts. In the meantime, if you are interested in one specific recipe, I will be glad to send you the english/french translation.

I hope you are going to enjoy my culinary world.

Enjoy the journey!




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